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Reaching all regions Australia Wide

Register for free & receive 5 x $10 Online Classified Tokens Free - Value is $50

Thats absolutely right! We pay you to place a classifed on our website

Renew General listings for free upon expiry

Listings will bump to the top of recent listings when price is edited

Add your Website Url

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Add additional regions

Add upto 10 listing keyword tags/phrases-this will help your listing be found on page one of Google Ect search results - It will also help Potential purchasers find your listing with an internal Post My Ads webiste search

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List your Items & Business

Bullet fast & easy to use listing process

Register for "Free" & receive 5 free Classified "Tokens" upon registration

Choose a Category

Enter item details

Upload your photos

Use your free token @ checkout

Receive offers from Buyers

Bullet fast email notifications are sent directly to your inbox from interested buyers

Post My Ads Upgrades

General Classifieds Are Free - Via " Tokens " Awarded @ Registration - for up to 3 Months

And Our Prices For Added Extras Are Hard To Beat

Shown below are miscellaneous settings and infomation, along with listing extra's you can enable that will add extra value to your listing.

Featured Listing -  Home Page Gallery & top of Category in rotation - For up to 6 Months - Only $29.99

Better Placement  - Top of Category in rotation - For up to 6 Months - Only $19.99

Bolded Listing - Highlighted in Category - For up to 6 Months - Only $4.99

Attention Getters - Listing Icons To Attract Attention To Your Listing - For Up To 6 Months - $9.99                                                                          

All of Above - Set and forget- Auto pilot Listing - For up to 6 Months - Only $64.96

Home Page Modules In Rotation - Contact us direct for this feature - for Up to 6 Months - Only $499.00 -

Conditions Of Use Do Apply

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( 1 ) No Spamming !

( 2 ) No Pets Or Animals!

( 3 ) No Religious Posts!

( 4 ) No Pornographic Material!

For Further Terms Of Use Please Visit Terms Of Use Home Page

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Peter Hebberman

Founder & Director

Post My Ads Pty Ltd

PH - 1300 980 852

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